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Ground Effect :: physics

The Ground Effect (or Wing in Ground Effect) is a characteristic marvel that happens because of vortices brought about by a distinction in pressure between the different sides of a wing. This impact can be extremely risky to unpracticed pilots, yet can be used by inventive specialists. Almost all pilots have encountered an abnormal marvel during landing. While everything is going on as it ought to during not too bad, a 'pad' of air gets caught beneath the wing during the last not many meters to the runway. This loses the pace of not too bad and can be perilous if the pilot has just started to erupt and decelerate for landing. This implies the plane would climb again while easing back down, which would effortlessly prompt a slow down. In any case, pilots who know about this impact can utilize it for their potential benefit. Pilots during World War II who had fuel spills flew sparse meters off the ground, saving fuel until a safe area was reached. This impact isn't generally brought about by a pad of air by any means, rather, by vortices of air off the tips of the wings. For a plane to make lift, its wings must make low weight on top and high weight on the base. Be that as it may, at the tips of the wings, the high weight pushes and the low weight maneuvers air onto the highest point of the wing, decreasing lift and making a current streaming to the top. This current stays much after the wing has left the region, delivering extremely amazing vortices. This progression of air decreases the high weight and expands the low weight frameworks, along these lines lessening lift and expanding initiated drag a lot. Be that as it may, when the plane approaches the ground (generally 50% of the good ways from the wingtip to fuselage) this stream is essentially diminished. Consequently, the lift is altogether expanded. This is the ground impact. Inventive designers can exploit the ground impact and make called Ekranoplans. These were enormous vessel planes worked by the Soviet Union during the Cold War to move a lot of material rapidly. These planes could just fly in the ground impact (over water, ice, or level ground) yet were proficient.

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Analyse how Robert Zemeckis builds up tension and suspense in the time travel scene in Back To The Future Essays

Dissect how Robert Zemeckis develops pressure and tension in the time travel scene in Back To The Future Essays Dissect how Robert Zemeckis develops pressure and tension in the time travel scene in Back To The Future Paper Dissect how Robert Zemeckis develops pressure and tension in the time travel scene in Back To The Future Paper Article Topic: Film The chief of back to the future, Robert zemeckis makes the sentiment of pressure and energy splendidly, particularly for what it's worth of the sci-fi class. Such things as camera edges, lighting, music, diagetic sound and setting are the wide scope of media impacts used to develop pressure and fervor. Zemeckiss reason all through the film, however particularly in the scene where the time travel happens, is to catch the crowds consideration by controlling their feelings and emotions towards the two characters and what's going on in the film. The film Back to the Future is of a sci-fi type. The class of a film is the thing that type or kind of film it is, there are a lot of various sort of types extending from ghastliness and spine chiller to parody and sentiment. A film kind is characterized by what it is about, similar to a parody would be a film that has a lot of jokes and makes you giggle. An awfulness would be a film that may include a thickening plot, violent scenes and secret. A film that has a sci-fi class will in general follow a specific pattern, they all include a legend (Doc), lowlife/menace (Biff), aide/right hand (Marty), a logical thought (the vehicle/taking individuals to the future), mission (taking Marty back to the future), turns (Marty and his mum) and anticipation (lightning striking and motor disappointment). All through the movie various distinctive camera edges are utilized, this empowers the executive to depict the scene, characters feelings both truly and intellectually and make fervor and anticipation splendidly. The time travel scene/last scene begins with a low-edge building up shot towards the clock this shows how amazing the clock is to the storyline and lays the right foundation. During this scene the camera frequently moves upwards to show the tempest, this makes significantly greater fervor. High calculated shots are utilized these make the characters look small and that nature is more remarkable than man. Close ups are utilized all the time, when Marty cannot begin the vehicle a nearby is utilized on Martys face since it is attempting to make the watcher think what is happening inside Martys mind. At the point when the vehicle does at long last beginning you get a target shot from the windscreen to show the alleviation on Martys face. At the point when Doc slips a low edge shot gazes toward him indicating his weakness, at that point a nearby is viewed as it empowers you to see that he is simply hanging in mid-air and that you can see that the Doc is thinking. The chief additionally slices structure one shot to the following rapidly this makes the air and shows the frenzy on the docs face and in his activities. The encompassing is likewise set better thusly I feel. Each time the clock strikes one more moment you get a dose of the clock as it makes you increasingly mindful that time is running out for them. The scene closes with a container shot of what is left, the Doc and little burst from where the vehicle tires were, this implies by having a dish shot that the upheaval is finished. During the scene the lighting is exceptionally melancholy this is to depict the way that situation is unfolding and it makes greater fervor and anticipation if there is dull lighting and infrequent flashes of splendid light. You can likewise detect a grumpy inclination being made by the lighting this shows the weight and apprehension the characters must feel. At the point when the Doc is before the clock, when he has quite recently slipped the lighting is utilized to show an outline of him on the clock face this is a bit of lighting brightness. A difference of light/dull is seen all through, this adds to the climate. At the point when the lightning strikes the entire scene turns out to be brilliant and still has huge eruptions of light. The explosions of light are the point at which the lightning hits the clock, when the Doc pushes the two links together and when the shaft hits the link and Marty returns. Music assumes a significant job in getting the crowds consideration and in the structure and creation of tension. The music can be utilized to change a people state of mind, either making them increasingly energized or quieting them down with an emotional or a tension second. Completely through the film there is a type of foundation clamor. This fluctuates from instrumental to the clock ticking. The symphonic music has numerous an alternate sorts of instruments included. Every one of these instruments together make a more full stable, adding to the fervor previously manufactured. The music in this scene is extremely tense and rushing like and in certain parts quick, and furthermore will in general accelerate when something sensational has happened therefore underlining that time is running out. At the finish of the scene once Marty has been sent Back to the Future, there is prompt quiet, this goes about as a total difference between the past distracted ambiences. The quietness is then trailed by a solitary metal instrument playing a similar military tune as in the past. The way that there is currently just a single singular instrument playing accentuates that Doc is presently all alone. As the camera works out the vacant scene, a radio plays a tune current to the time, this shows ordinariness has returned. The sounds utilized in the film are the clock ticking, clock ringer ringing and both human voices of Marty and Doc can likewise be heard. The diagetic sounds make included energy and stress, when the ringer rings it interferes with a significant second and stresses the crowd. The ticking of the clock is huge in light of the fact that its shows that time is cruising by, along these lines they dont have a lot of time left, this makes the crowd awkward as they are concerned. The two principle characters of Marty and Doc are utilized splendidly to get the crowd energized and furthermore keep up the crowds eagerness in the film, as it is a continuous rush of excitement in the film since you dont comprehend what each character will do straightaway. The two characters are altogether different from one another. The Doc is a frantic yet valiant, unusual, speedy reasoning, constant character. He will successfully make his creation work. Marty anyway is feeble, trusting towards the distraught Doc and furthermore a run of the mill young person as he has awful time keeping and misfortune all through. The Doc is dressed cleverly and like a commonplace researcher this makes you pay attention to him, yet you before long discover hes as distraught as a hatter. Marty is dressed like a run of the mill young person, pants and so on as he is an adolescent the things he does are typical. The setting of this scene is in and nonstop pinnacle, this is significant as it connotes the significance of the check in the film since it makes the clock the primary fascination/focus piece. By having the check in this scene it shows that time has been a significant impact on the result of the film, their lives and others around them. It demonstrates the film to be about past/present and future. As this scene likewise develops around lightning (it being struck at a specific second), its a perilous thing to happen on the grounds that they are attempting to control it, this makes it considerably increasingly eccentric. The climate is made much more as at consistently you get an injection of the clock this represents time is running out. During the scene there is a ton of misfortune, as nothing appears to go right, Martys late, tree falling, vehicle not beginning and Doc slipping are instances of the setbacks that happen. Marty is wearing 1980s style cool garments for example body hotter, the crowd currently recognizes that Marty is a powerless and run of the mill accidental young person. The lighting during the scene is grim exceptionally disheartening and chiefly dim, this encourages the scene to turn out to be increasingly erratic and loaded up with frenzy and energy. The high point shots appear all through that nature is the over-driving impact in this scene. The mise-en-scene is the general style of a concentrate, film for this situation. It is the thing that the chief is attempting to accomplish and the manners in which he accomplishes these things. The assortment of media impacts utilized all through this film by Zemeckis makes the film all the more energizing and makes progressively strain. The steady symphonic sounds out of sight accelerate when a scene is getting additionally energizing or when something has turned out badly, this adds to the crowds feelings. Similarly when a wild piece has completed a blast or snappy blaze of light connotes that this bit of uproar is finished. The scopes of camera edges empower us to see the environmental factors, the clock, the activities of each character and the feelings of each character. Close ups are utilized to show feelings on faces, dish shots are sued to show environmental factors and high-edge, low-edge and long shots show what the characters are doing. Without all these unique and splen didly planed media impacts Back To The Future would not of been the achievement that it was.

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High School Essay Topics That You Will Need To Compare And Contrast

High School Essay Topics That You Will Need To Compare And ContrastWhen you are looking for a topic for your compare and contrast essay, you will want to find essays that compare contrasting points about the topic. This is a perfect example of an essay topic that is not dissimilar to other essay topics because there are similarities between it and other topics that are similar.You will want to look for an essay topic that offers a variety of topics, so that your essay does not feel as if it is condensed. If you are writing a comparative essay, you will need to look for essays that include topics on the consumer, government, product, industry, cultural differences, and of course, technology. The concept of 'technology' is always an interesting one because of the amount of research that goes into creating technology and how it has changed over time. Technology is often defined in comparison to past technologies.The topic of technology is quite dynamic, so you will want to be sure that the topics that you are using in your compare and contrast essay do not repeat or sound the same as other topics that have been written about already. Do not let your essay become too similar because this can detract from your purpose.The topic of the research paper is very important because you are looking for a wide range of subjects that will provide a broad range of information and ideas to offer as an essay topic. When writing a research paper, you will want to use the same topic for each essay. There is nothing wrong with including one essay topic that is unique to your project.There are a number of different high school essay topics that offer some variation of technology, including, the Internet, cell phones, computers, and telephones. Some topics may even require you to consider the internet as a starting point.One of the most interesting research papers that I have seen is about a company called Bering Steel, Inc. It is an interesting and engaging essay that give the reade r insight into the life of people who build buildings, transportation systems, and bridges out of steel. The essay is comparing the different types of buildings, how the steel was manufactured, and how the infrastructure developed over time.You will want to consider unique essay topics that will give you some diversity and uniqueness in the essay. Doing research on the Internet is an excellent way to narrow down your focus. A creative idea is the key to making your subject matter stand out well.As you can see, there are a number of different essay topics that will offer you many ideas and options when it comes to the topic of compare and contrast essay topics. These are just a few that I have chosen to provide a comparison between the different topics, which is one of the main reasons that a number of students opt to write a thesis statement. Think about your own topic of interest and the information that you would like to discuss.

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The non-fiction story Three Cups of Tea - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 462 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2017/09/18 Category Literature Essay Type Argumentative essay Did you like this example? A Pencil Is Stronger Than a Gun His father died when he was 48 years old, his sister had contracted acute meningitis, and he suffered from a lack of money; this is a description of the early parts of Greg Mortenson’s life. Three Cups of Tea, the non-fiction story, shows how this ordinary person conveys important message to people around the world through building schools in Pakistan. Why did Greg Mortenson choose the school as the medium for his message? He believes that education will not only change Pakistani children’s view of life, but it will be the way to eventually get rid of terrorism. When Greg Mortenson stayed in the village of Korphe, he was impressed by the villager’s hunger for knowledge. Even though their first generations are not educated enough, they wanted to do something for their next generation’s education. One day, Haji Ali, who was Greg Mortenson’s mentor in Korphe, said â€Å"I can’t read anything. This is t he greatest sadness in my life. I’ll do anything so the children of my village never have to know this feeling. I’ll pay any price so they have the education they deserve† (Mortenson and Relin 153). Haji Ali already knew that education is the most essential thing to live a better life. Greg Mortenson also realized what he had to do for the rest of his life: it was building schools in a Pakistani village; and he truly believed that the education from the schools would change the Pakistani children’s view of life. This significant change would give the children reasons to live rather than only to die, committing terroristic attacks. Greg Mortenson said â€Å"If we try to resolve terrorism with military might and nothing else, then we will be no safer than we were before 9/11. If we truly want a legacy of peace for our children, we need to understand that this is a war that will ultimately be won with books, not with bombs†(301). In other words, Mortenson thought that schools and universal literacy were the most effective way to cure terrorism. Greg Mortenson’s heroic achievement started from accidental promise in the small village. However, this promise has now changed his life. His messages about school and education are deeply impressed in people’s hearts all around the world. Bombs would cause physical pain to people, but it would not change their mind. Instead, it more strongly triggers opposite feelings. To cut this vicious circle, Greg Mortenson chooses the school. He wanted to  educate children and give them a bright future. He is still building the school even at this moment to prove his choice was right. Works Cited Mortenson, Greg, and David Oliver Relin. Three Cups of Tea. Newyork: Penguin, 2007. Print Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The non-fiction story Three Cups of Tea" essay for you Create order

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Should censorship be banned - 2064 Words

Extreme Sports dangerous sports contribute to personal evaluation of oneself and to the character-building. Should be banned 1) Only way to seek excitement Extreme sports often are an escape from reality, from stress and from monotony. You don’t have to think about your problems. You just think about yourself, you can relax, and prove that you can do things which are admired by other people. CounterïÆ'  Other was of seeking excitement Should be banned 1) Irresponsible behaviour -In the majority of cases they don’t care about their family and close friends, - they put at stake their own life in order to have or to show a strong character. Censorship Censorship refers to any action taken by a society to control access to ideas†¦show more content†¦For 1)-Reduces the chances of children being exposed to unsuitable material .In our current world, it is extremely easy to have acess to porn. Typing the word â€Å"sex† on Google can get you millions of matches. Eg. Pornography, Live Crew, has already had one of their albums banned because in one song they used explicit references to male genitals and 87 references to oral sex. They used the word bitch more than 100 times and the f-word more than 200 times. 2)-Maintain societal harmony e.g censoring materials that are offensive to a particular religion ; Huckleberry Finn was an appropriate piece of literature to be read and discussed in the classrooms. Some parents were outraged that a book that used one racial word and one passage that had an adult male and a younger male together nude on the river, was going to be read in the classroom. -animal farm was also censored by US and UK for fear that people will be affected by the ideas of communism it contained 3)-Preserve national security ï  ¶ Impossible to maintain the secrecy of the information necessary to protect the nation Against 1) Allows for easy control by certain interest groups. -Governments block out news that may damage its reputation -society lives in ignorance, thinking that the government is helping the people -continues to support a weak government while not having a full understanding of the real world Popular Culture is the entirety of ideas,Show MoreRelatedShould Censorship Be Banned From Social Media Platform?1523 Words   |  7 Pagescontroversial photo, can they get banned from that social media platform? Or how about when you share your own beliefs on social media, can your content get flagged as inappropriate? The answer to both of these questions is yes, and it is blatant censorship. Censorship by definition is â€Å"the suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security† (Oxford University Press). Censorship regularly imposes certain beliefsRead MoreThe Pros And Cons Of Censorship In Libraries708 Words   |  3 PagesCensorship in some libraries is a big issue amongst people across the world. Censorships definition is the suppression or prohibition of any part of a book, film, news, etc that are thought to be considered as a politically unacceptable, or cause a threat to society. Many people believe that censorship is against our constitution. Some people believe although, that censorship was created to protect students and other people from the harmful information that may be inside some of the books. One ofRead MoreBanning Books in Schools Essay983 Words   |  4 PagesThe practice of the censorship of books in schools has been prevalent due to the explicit content of them. Parents have been complaining to schools about books that count as required reading because they disapprove with the points made in the book. If a book consists of offensive or sexually explicit material, then parents would challenge the schools about them in order to prevent their children from reading them. Censorship in general has been an intensely debated issue because it is consideredRead MoreThe Importance Of Censorship In Libraries728 Words   |  3 PagesCensorship is a huge thing within todays society, Censorship in libraries is when a school board, a parent, or just anyone challenges a book that is explicit with sexual language, homosexuality, and or religion. The meaning of censorship is to ban a book, its not necessarily up to the library, but more so to the community and the school board. Anyone can challenge a book to be censored, even if it’s not explicit, if you personally take offense to a book you can challenge it to be a censored orRead More The Controversy Around Banning Books Essay852 Words   |  4 Pages The subject of censorship is a very controversial one, especially the banning of books. Many people believe they must protect themselves and others from the quot;evilsquot; of many classic books and works of art because they can be deemed quot;indecentquot; in one way or another. Many believe that this is absurd and censorship in its current form is a violation of our First Amendment right to free speech. Personally, I align myself with the latter, however I do feel there are occasions whereRead MoreThe Controversy Aro und Banning Books889 Words   |  4 PagesThe subject of censorship is a very controversial one, especially the banning of books. Many people believe they must protect themselves and others from the evils of many classic books and works of art because they can be deemed indecent in one way or another. Many believe that this is absurd and censorship in its current form is a violation of our First Amendment right to free speech. Personally, I align myself with the latter, however I do feel there are occasions where censorship is justifiableRead MoreIts Time to STOP Banning Books Essay1383 Words   |  6 Pagescertain material is how a child is raised to react the same way (Kelly). Authors being banned from their right to Freedom of Speech because parents cannot accept what they say. According to the American Library Association (ALA), family values, religion, political views, and minority rights are four motivating factors of why people want to ban books although there are many others (Kennedy Kids’ Book Censorship). Racial issues are commonly a concern when it comes to banning books because peopleRead MoreCensorship Of Classic Books1325 Words   |  6 PagesTitle: Research Paper Censorship of Classic Novels in Canada and the United States Ashley Sprague 7607211 College Reading and Writing Skills/ COMM1085 Dawn Grimmer Many novelists in today’s society have the growing responsibility of censoring their work, ultimately loosing their freedom of expression. Canada is no different from other countries who have begun the long list of â€Å"banned and challenged classic novels.† Most of the Canadian population can remember studying Harper Lee’s ToRead MoreCensorship in Literature and Why We Need to Get Rid of It815 Words   |  3 Pagesthat have been banned for profanity, references to the occult and witchcraft, references to drugs and alcohol, and many other reasons. Censorship could have started as early as 339 BCE in Rome, when Socrates, a renowned Greek Philosopher, was sentenced to drink poison for his corruption of youth and his acknowledgement of unorthodox divinities (Newth 1). This was what modern censorship evolved from, the punishments becoming less and less severe from the poison drinking. Censorship is the act of limitingRead MoreEssay on Is Censorship Unconstitutional ?919 Words   |  4 Pages Censoring knowledge is unconstitutional. Censorship had been going on since the beginning of the written word. This means that is not hard to say that it has been used as a manipulation tactic since the first man, or woman, placed their coal to a piece of dried goat skin. So does this make it wrong? To understand censorship, you have to start at the beginning. Censorship, no matter the definition, is when people who have power, wish to limit the knowledge of what we are receiving, or

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The Unglamorous Side of War Depicted in Remarques All...

Why does the world need to kill two million men just because two countries can’t agree with each other? War is devastating to countries and most indefinitely to individuals and soldiers. A war can ruin families, friendships, education, economy, and the minds of innocent people. Most young men, who were just approaching manhood, were pulled of their innocence of childhood, and thrown into a world of rage and destruction. Soldiers that luckily survive a horrific war often find their lives turned completely upside down since they enlisted, and sometimes it is just impossible to forget the vicious past and start over again as a civilian. Many older men believe that wars being fought are wars of dignity and glory, but truthfully, wars are†¦show more content†¦Another point that the author creates about the negative aspects of war is that there is never an abundant supply of food to support the well-being of all the men out there in the war. In the novel, the men who were used to eating decent meals every day before the war face severe hardships because in the army, they do not receive opulent nor tasty rations. â€Å"Long time since you’ve had anything decent to eat, eh?† Kat asks one of the [new recruits]. â€Å"For breakfast, turnip-bread, ã… ¡lunch, turnip-stew†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦it’s nothing new for it to be made of sawdust.† (Remarque 36) If these poor soldiers had better nourishments and more rest, the already-harsh environment would have been easier to survive. Many more recruits have actually died from a lack of sleep and food than from actual hand-to-hand combats. Another issue about the war is the complete loss of sanitation, or hygiene. â€Å"We must look out for our bread. The rats have become more numerous lately because the trenches are no longer in good condition.† (Remarque 101, 102) Because it is very unclean and pathogens float all over the place, various soldiers have deceased from an i nfection somewhere in the body. Maybe, just maybe, if the army had more suitable circumstances for the men in the war, fewer soldiers would have died. In addition, a concept that Remarque makes regarding the adverse effects of wars is that wars have killed many frank young men, who

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Public Health in 1665 Essay Example For Students

Public Health in 1665 Essay Ring around a roses, A pocket full of Poses, A tissue! A tissue! We all fall down! Even today, children innocently chant this old nursery rhyme, bringing the old saying into reality, Ignorance is Bliss. Its eerie, to think that this old rhyme in fact gives a perfect description of one of Europes worst nightmares, the Great Plague. Many people forget the horrors of the Plague, and when they do remember and think about it, Public heath is rarely a factor that plays a big part when people start to think things through. There were quite a few public health measures in 1665 the time of the plague. However, how many of these measures worked? An important fact to remember is that in those times, opinions and actions were either based on or blamed on religion and superstition. For example, people started marching across the country, punishing themselves on the basis that the plague was the result of all of mans sin, whilst trying to persuade people of their cause. Also, charms were used by some cultures, such as the Abra Kadabra charm, which was either carved, or worn as protective jewellery to ward off the evil spirits causing the plague. It looked similar to the image below. A B R A K A D A B R A B R A K A D A B R R A K A D A B A K A D A K A D A One measure they had was that of the red cross. This is where they would paint a red cross on the doors of people who were diagnosed with the plague. I think this would have worked because it would let people know who had the plague, so that they could avoid falling ill themselves. A law was made, saying that once someone was ill with the plague they were to stay in their house. Anyone who happened to live in the same house as the unfortunate soul was also locked in, with fear that they could spread the disease. Beggars were not allowed to wonder the streets at anytime, and were executed immediately for doing so without a given reason. All of these, although sensible ideas (apart from the execution..) would not contribute towards public health, as the disease was not contagious in the human community. It was in fact passed on from fleas living on black rats, but this knowledge had not yet been developed. If someone was bitten by this flea, then their life expectancy from that moment would be between 23-29 days. Examiners were appointed by people of high medical authority. It would be their task of travelling around England, checking to see who had the plague, and ensuring that the correct orders were being fulfilled by the town. I think that this would have helped to make things more organized, which on the whole would make a big difference, because people would be aware of which towns to avoid. However negative my views on the Public Health situation in 1665 might sound, I would hate for anybody to get the idea that the medical procedures and scientific methods were completely useless. Although very strict with laws, crime and punishment, the government took pride in being organized. They took this to the point of searching bodies, apparently to ensure everyone was dead before burial. One conspiracy is that they were in actual fact looking for valuables that could be useful, or else sold for a great profit. Despite their unintentional propaganda, many citizens were buried alive, simply because there was no known cure for the disease. Now, in the process of this, the corpses were counted, and accurate records were taken of the plague victims. This was effective in positive ways, because it encouraged the government to be more efficient when it came to statistics. .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 , .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 .postImageUrl , .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 , .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879:hover , .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879:visited , .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879:active { border:0!important; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879:active , .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: True Brand Loyalty EssayAll in all, the public health measures in action throughout the plague did indeed work, and were effective in both positive and negative ways. .